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Hello my name is escort Natasha. I will send you a subject that I have experienced, which is like the themed porn on Ankara Escort foreign sites, even there will be lousy next to my story. That night my husband also wanted to have sex, but, “I am sick!” I got over by saying. In the following days, I, Selda, Cem and Hakan came together quite often. Was going to them at every opportunity, I was fucking myself beautifully for Hakan and Cem and I was reaching the peaks of pleasure. I cannot describe the pleasure I got especially when someone walked in front of me and made me toast.

It was almost an expert in sex now, I learned all the intricacies of sex from Selda. I was making love to her as before, so my husband wouldn’t notice anything. Escort Ankara So I was lying flat under my husband, waiting for him to finish his job, then I was sleeping. In fact, I was exaggerating, some nights when my husband finished and slept, I even went to the Seldas for a hasty fuck.

My stupid husband can’t fuck my pussy properly and he never touched. I was coming with my ass Cem or Hakana and I was getting a lot more pleasure on such nights. This continued for a couple of months. But one day, Selda confessed to me and said that this is actually their job. They are working at Ankara Escort service like ourselves.

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